Journalism Integrity Fund supports young reporters

Though San Gabriel High School media adviser Jennifer Kim remains out of the classroom after having been put on administrative leave two months ago, Kim continues to support young journalists through the Journalism Integrity Fund. The fund seeks to increase the reporting and stories coming from the San Gabriel Valley by providing honorariums to bold, young reporters and investigative journalists.

Kim says on the fund’s website that it seeks to expand the 626 “boba bubble.”

The fund raises money through crowdfunding, in addition to fundraiser-field trips which explore the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles. The trips are led by Kim, an award-winning media adviser, producer, and writer, with a vast knowledge of the Los Angeles area and the 626 area.

The first fundraiser was held at the Tankland Museum in South El Monte. The next fundraiser is SPA WEEK at AcuSpa Wellness Center in Pasadena, which will be held from Oct. 4 to Oct. 10.

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