Asian Media

World Journal: 聖蓋博高中學生持續抗爭
Published Aug. 26, 2015

World Journal: Legal Panel: AUSD Official Unlawfully Censored Student Media
Published July 27, 2015

World Journal: 學區解雇阮老師 師生齊抗議
Published June 24, 2015

Global Link: 聖蓋博高中解僱教師 學生不滿遊行抗議
Published June 23, 2015

World Journal: 聖蓋博高中 阻止學生報導老師被炒 恐被告
Published June 7, 2015

Viet Bao: Thầy Gốc Việt Mất Việc, HS Bênh, Tới Học Khu, Xin Giữ Thầy Andrew Nguyen Dạy
Published June 5, 2015

Sina Daily News: 要求老師復職 聖蓋博高中生抗議
Published June 4, 2015

China Daily: 疑同志師遭解聘 學生抗議
Published May 30, 2015


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