Kanow resigns after 36 years of teaching

Breaking News: Award-winning volleyball coach and science teacher Larry Kanow resigned from San Gabriel High School on July 25. Kanow taught at San Gabriel for 36 years and brought the girls volleyball team to 33 league championships. “I enjoyed my time teaching at San Gabriel, but with things how they are now, I felt it was time to leave,” Kanow said.

We would like to clarify…

After review of our previous posts, we would like to clarify that we never meant to state that the reason for an employee’s dismissal should necessarily be publicly released. We agree that doing so without proper cause or permission from the employee would violate the employee’s right to privacy. However, when the employee him- or her- self does not receive the reason for his or her own dismissal, we believe it is necessary to speak out. If an agency is unable to provide a reason to the employee for his or her dismissal, how can the employee be sure that the dismissal was not arbitrary or based on the personal bias of the evaluator?

Relevant Court Cases

Roth v. Board of Regents

Drown v. Board of Education

From where we last left off…

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Students support Coach Chris Kwan at San Gabriel’s annual Spring Pep Rally. (Photo by Sydney Trieu/The Matador)

Though the school administration appeared to be settling down over the past few months, it is not so. According to The Matador, San Gabriel High School P.E. teacher and volleyball coach Chris Kwan was not rehired for the 2016-17 school year, leaving the community once again wondering: why? Recent action by the volleyball coaching staff (see below) appears to raise even more questions regarding this dismissal, particularly the resignation of Coach Larry Kanow.
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Other AUSD Incidents Tab

Check out our new tab: Other AUSD Incidents. Everything that has happened to Andrew Nguyen, Jennifer Kim, The Matador, and the students of San Gabriel High School is not unusual for the Alhambra Unified School District. There are many others who have had such experiences with the district, and we will gradually be gathering and releasing those stories.

We start off with the story of Maia Wu and her family and how their encounters with Monterey Highlands Elementary School and the Alhambra Unified School District ultimately led the Wu family to file a lawsuit.

How to speak at an AUSD board meeting


At the Aug. 25 AUSD board meeting, Shi Ying Chen, a former San Gabriel High math teacher, recounted some of her experiences at San Gabriel and how the administration’s treatment of her forced her to retire.

Do you have concerns regarding the Alhambra Unified School Board? Are you or students that you know facing unfair retribution? Has the district badly handled, or even ignored, your concerns?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we invite you to speak up and voice your concerns at the board meetings. We cannot guarantee that the school board will take action, but we certainly would like to let the board know that even if school were only “a small part of your life,” that does not give anyone the right to neglect the students’ rights and quality of education. Thus, we ask that you add your voice to ours and perhaps your “Yopp!” will become the catalyst for improving the quality of our community’s school district.
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