AUSD Board Member Russell-Chavez responds to community concerns, compares concerns to situation in the 80s

AUSD board member Joanne Russell-Chavez expresses her discontent with students' continuous concerns.

AUSD board member Joanne Russell-Chavez expresses her discontent with students’ continuous concerns.

Alhambra Unified School District (AUSD) board member Joanne Russell-Chavez’s comments following the close of the public comments section of the Sept. 15 board meeting left many audience members dumbfounded as she expressed her discontent with community members’ persistence in voicing their opinions regarding various issues in the district including workplace bullying and retaliation. Many audience members strongly disagreed with Russell-Chavez’s assertions that evening and attempted to interrupt her as she spoke. Below are some of the responses from the audience.

“She was really unprofessional for the position she has. She shouldn’t be talking down to the audience like that,” Army veteran and ’09 San Gabriel High School alumnus Michael Garcia said. “I could tell everyone around me was offended.”

I attended and shook my head at Joanne comparing her drama with her friends in the 80s to Jim Schofield breaking the law,” SGHS alumnus Kimberly Tu-Oanh Duong said in a Facebook post.

Honestly, her little ‘morality’ speech is a sorry explanation,” SGHS alumnus Sandy Lok said in a Facebook post. “She’s trying to stay in control so she puts herself on a pedestal saying ‘these students’ don’t understand the real world. The students understand how things work BUT they disagree on how it should be and shame on her for belittling them as being immature for continuing to fight for something they believe in. It’s more shameful that as a leader in the community she mindlessly upholds the status quo and is too burned out to aspire to be better.”

The next school board meeting is on Oct. 6 at 6 p.m. at the Board Room at 1515 W. Mission Road, Alhambra, CA 91803.

To watch Joanne Russell-Chavez’s response to the community, visit this link:

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