The Matador newspaper wins Courage in Student Journalism Award

We would like to congratulate The Matador for being awarded the 2015 Courage in Student Journalism Award for their in-depth coverage of Alhambra Unified School District’s board meetings as well as their bravery in speaking out about the censorship and retaliation in the school district.
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How to speak at an AUSD board meeting


At the Aug. 25 AUSD board meeting, Shi Ying Chen, a former San Gabriel High math teacher, recounted some of her experiences at San Gabriel and how the administration’s treatment of her forced her to retire.

Do you have concerns regarding the Alhambra Unified School Board? Are you or students that you know facing unfair retribution? Has the district badly handled, or even ignored, your concerns?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we invite you to speak up and voice your concerns at the board meetings. We cannot guarantee that the school board will take action, but we certainly would like to let the board know that even if school were only “a small part of your life,” that does not give anyone the right to neglect the students’ rights and quality of education. Thus, we ask that you add your voice to ours and perhaps your “Yopp!” will become the catalyst for improving the quality of our community’s school district.
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AUSD Board Member Russell-Chavez responds to community concerns, compares concerns to situation in the 80s

AUSD board member Joanne Russell-Chavez expresses her discontent with students' continuous concerns.

AUSD board member Joanne Russell-Chavez expresses her discontent with students’ continuous concerns.

Alhambra Unified School District (AUSD) board member Joanne Russell-Chavez’s comments following the close of the public comments section of the Sept. 15 board meeting left many audience members dumbfounded as she expressed her discontent with community members’ persistence in voicing their opinions regarding various issues in the district including workplace bullying and retaliation. Many audience members strongly disagreed with Russell-Chavez’s assertions that evening and attempted to interrupt her as she spoke. Below are some of the responses from the audience.
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Journalism Integrity Fund supports young reporters

Though San Gabriel High School media adviser Jennifer Kim remains out of the classroom after having been put on administrative leave two months ago, Kim continues to support young journalists through the Journalism Integrity Fund. The fund seeks to increase the reporting and stories coming from the San Gabriel Valley by providing honorariums to bold, young reporters and investigative journalists.
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