From where we last left off…

*Note: This is an informal update. 


Students support Coach Chris Kwan at San Gabriel’s annual Spring Pep Rally. (Photo by Sydney Trieu/The Matador)

Though the school administration appeared to be settling down over the past few months, it is not so. According to The Matador, San Gabriel High School P.E. teacher and volleyball coach Chris Kwan was not rehired for the 2016-17 school year, leaving the community once again wondering: why? Recent action by the volleyball coaching staff (see below) appears to raise even more questions regarding this dismissal, particularly the resignation of Coach Larry Kanow.


Coach Larry Kanow and the entire volleyball coaching staff have resigned from their coaching positions today in support of volleyball Coach Chris Kwan whose contract was not renewed for the next school year. San Gabriel girls volleyball has won 33 Almont League championships in Kanow’s 36 years of coaching. Kanow was named the 2015 Pasadena Star-News’ Coach of the Year and in 2011, Kwan earned the same honor. Kwan has been with the Matador volleyball program for close to thirty years, as a player and a coach. The volleyball coaches will finish out the season. (Source: The Matador)


Before our reporters went off on the noble endeavor of pursuing higher education at their respective institutions, they followed the story of The Matador staff. In our last update, we were informed that Jennifer Kim returned to the classroom on Dec. 14, 2015, where she has resumed her role of advising an award-winning staff. Since then, The Matador Online ( has been resurrected, though the archives are still lost in time-perhaps permanently. Nonetheless, despite the setbacks they faced, the staff took first place News Sweepstakes at the East Los Angeles Journalism Education Association (ELAJEA) Write-Offs on Feb. 27, 2016, with several staff members placing again at the Southern California Journalism Education Association (SCJEA) Write-Offs on Mar. 12.

Stay tuned for updates.



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