The Matador newspaper wins Courage in Student Journalism Award

We would like to congratulate The Matador for being awarded the 2015 Courage in Student Journalism Award for their in-depth coverage of Alhambra Unified School District’s board meetings as well as their bravery in speaking out about the censorship and retaliation in the school district.

“This award recognizes the bravery of outspoken student leaders – including Kelly Ho, Thomas Wang, Sydney Trieu, Rebecca Lei and Simon Yung – who have taken great risk in calling out the power structure of their corrupt school district,” said attorney Frank D. LoMonte, executive director of the Student Press Law Center. “What is going on in the Alhambra Unified School District is a national disgrace, and the public knows about it only because these young journalists are unafraid to tell the truth, even in the face of intimidation tactics.”

The award is sponsored by the Kent State University Center for Scholastic Journalism, and it will be co-presented by the Student Press Law Center and the National Scholastic Press Association at the National High School Journalism Convention in Orlando on Nov. 14.

Original press release:

High school “Courage” award recognizes Southern California students confronting censorship, retaliation


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