Alhambra Unified dismisses substitute teacher Ted Brock, students allege retaliation

San Gabriel High School (SGHS) substitute teacher and former English department member Ted Brock was dismissed from his substitute teaching position at the Alhambra Unified School District (AUSD) on Aug. 27. According to several sources, Brock, a working journalist, was the recommended substitute teacher for the newspaper and yearbook classes at San Gabriel as their adviser Jennifer Kim was put on administrative leave on Aug. 2 by Assist. Supt. Marsha Gilbert.

Brock had been working as a long-term substitute in five English classes at San Gabriel High School since school began on Aug. 14.

According to several sources, Principal Debbie Stone released Brock from his assignment, which had been scheduled to run through the end of October. Allegedly, a student reported Brock for a classroom management incident.

Sources reported Brock later met with Assist. Supt. Marsha Gilbert at the district office and was told he would no longer be employed with AUSD.

Many in the community believe that this is an act of retaliation rather than a fair consequence for a minor infraction. They believe it may have been because Brock attended a school board meeting on Aug. 25 to support the students who were speaking out that evening and because he was the recommended substitute for the publications classes at San Gabriel.

“Mr. Brock is one of the most inspirational and motivating adult figures I have ever worked with,” alumnus Kelsey Ko said. “He has this positivity and worldliness about him that I don’t see in most adults. He was a great coach and teacher, and knew what he was doing, both outside on the track and inside the classroom… I don’t know why they really let Mr. Brock go, but I bet it is not for legitimate reasons, [especially with all] that has been happening… lately.”

Brock is the third English teacher who has been removed from San Gabriel High School since May, following Andrew Nguyen and Jennifer Kim. Many sources say that Brock was the recommended substitute for Kim’s classes because of his experience in journalism. He had been a frequent substitute and guest lecturer for her newspaper and yearbook classes. Previously, Brock worked as a sports journalist, freelancing and working with the National Football League Properties’ Creative Services division, and taught sports writing at the University of Southern California (USC). He has also written for <> and <>.

Brock had been working in AUSD since 2003. He was a former full-time English teacher, a substitute teacher, a former cross country and track and field coach, and announcer for SGHS football, basketball, volleyball, and track and field.

Brock was not available for comment.

“He’s a really nice person,” said alumnus Anthony Valverde, a former league champion hurdler for the SGHS track team. “As a substitute, he tried to give us insight and prepare us for the real world. He gave a lot of life lessons and stuck to the lesson plan of a teacher. As an announcer, he was very charismatic and made the races interesting. He also talked to a lot of the runners and motivated them, saying they did well and hoped to watch them improve.”

District officials did not respond to emails for comment.


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