Op-Ed: Justice

(Photo by Brian Turner CC/BY)

Justice. Google defines this word as “the administration of the law or authority in maintaining this.” Simple, right? Create rules, follow them, and enforce them. But it seems to be a more complex concept than it should be. When a regular citizen commits a crime, (s)he gets the appropriate punishment. When a district administrator or board member commits a crime, (s)he gets away with it.

The biggest example here would be when former Principal Jim Schofield violated the First Amendment by censoring the school newspaper. When evidence has clearly shown that he violated the law, nothing happened to him. In fact, he even received a promotion and will be getting a fatter paycheck (which comes from our taxpayer dollars). How is this fair in any way? The world would be a pretty scary place if people could commit crimes to get promotions all the time.

Does the First Amendment not apply for students and does the violation of it not matter because it was imposed on students? It’s completely unfair that students don’t have ways to hold administrators or board members accountable for their actions. And it is this reason alone that administrators and board members can act as they please without any fear at all. We are told that our voices do matter, but at the end of the day, we aren’t even given a say in decision-making processes that directly affect our futures.

In class, we are taught to respect one another and not to bully each other. Maybe AUSD would be a better place if it actually followed the lessons that it teaches. Students shouldn’t be chastised, bullied, or condescended upon by administrators or board members.

Perhaps, justice isn’t a black-and-white concept as I thought it was. Perhaps, fairness for all is just an ideal portrayed in movies and TV shows. Whatever it may be, I’m left wondering: Where’s our justice?


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